About brand Delta

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You must admit that in order to accept modern world challenges - both in personal development and in business – the ability to adapt to changing conditions plays one of the key roles, at the same time it is crucial to follow your own development vector and materialize your own values.

The idea of creating the Delta by Axent as Axent’s sub-brand was prompted by the need to optimize the offer in stationery supplies as response to the changing market demands. The task to meet the need to save at the same time maintaining trust in the product quality was successfully implemented in the DeltabyAxent - "economy line" of office supplies.

Everyday challenges can be very different, however when the basic tasks are taken care of, it is much easier to successfully solve higher level problems. DeltabyAxent stationery products were created to help solve basic tasks in your office life. DeltabyAxent assortment includes basic commercially successful groups of stationery supplies with sustainable good quality at an affordable price. Functionality and universal design are the permanent characteristics of DeltabyAxent stationery.

Delta by Axent – “Nothing extra, even in price!”.

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