About brand Unimax

UNIMAX is the leading and most progressive player on the market of quality stationery from India. It is a 100% export-oriented international company working on five continents in more than 76 countries.

Currently UNIMAX production capacity is 2 500 000 pens per day. UNIMAX writing accessories are high-quality pens, to produce which the manufacture uses latest technologies and materials.

Corporate research & development department is continuously developing new unique technologies and materials. One of the most significant UNIMAX discoveries is Visco FluidInk (for ballpoint pens) and Quick DryInk (for gel pens) – the new generation ink with unique properties.

UNIMAX products can be rightly called modern, high-tech and unique thanks to the use of latest scientific achievements and the most innovative engineering developments. These characteristics allow UNIMAX products to be several steps ahead of their competitors.

UNIMAX is a good example of the fact that even an ordinary pen can be turned into a perfect product, combining the advanced achievements of scientists, engineers and designers.

Unique Unimax ink

Xtreme Viscosity Ink

  • Super soft writing.
  • 25% more writing length than with other pens made in India.
  • No blank spaces or blots during writing.

In ball-point pens: Top Tek Fusion 6X, Aerogrip.

Visco Fluid Ink

Visco Fluid Ink is an innovative higher viscosity oil-based ink. In combination with a premium pen point, it presents completely new writing experience: a feeling of soft pen sliding and increase in the length of writing.

  • Super soft writing.
  • 15%-25% more writing length than with other pens made in India.
  • No blank spaces or blots during writing.

In Unimax ball-point pens.

Quick Dry Ink

Quick Dry Ink is fast drying ink and latest company research result. The smooth ink flow allows you to get bright evenly filled and regular lines, even with very fast writing on paper of any type.

  • Super soft writing.
  • Ink dries 3 times faster than with any other pens made in India.
  • Convenient for left-handers.
  • No blank spaces or blots during writing.
  • Bright ink colour.

In all Unimax gel pens.

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