Our life


Like in any big company our employees are very diverse. Even though they are of different views and professions, education and experience, each is an expert in what he/she does. We are all united by our passion for stationery, out desire to achieve top results, care about our colleagues, clients and consumers.

We treat each other with respect and appreciate everyone’s contribution.

People is our main value!


Our office space enhances task fulfillment. The interior is designed in white colors, workplaces are ergonomic and well-lit, there are inspiring paintings and installations in the halls.

You can enjoy a beautiful park view and Gapchinska mural just looking out of the window.


Statistics says an average person spends 50% of lifetime at work. It’s important for us that this time was health friendly.

Our office is in the downtown of Chernihiv. It’s convenient to get here.

There is always an atmosphere of harmony and efficiency inside.

Our people have comfortable workplaces with ergonomic chairs, there is a nice cafeteria where we can share healthy food and have a pleasant chat with each other.

There are several parks and fountains around the office. So, we always have some outdoor places to recharge or just relax.


There is Origami child development center right in the building where our office is situated. It couldn’t have been better located as many of us bring our children here just on our way to work.

We care about each other not only at work but also in our everyday life. There are benefits for young families and parents. There is financial support for those in a difficult situation.

We support our loved ones.


We offer our employees opportunities for personal and professional development. We provide participation in workshops, trainings, conferences, master classes. We have our own Library with books for work and self-improvement.

We stimulate our employees – music lovers and theatre goers and their families – with free concert and performance tickets to their liking.

We hold several corporate events a year. We ski or have barbecue together in winter, and we boat race or visit VIVAT Oscar Ceremony in summer.