About brand Kite

Kite has been caring for its consumers for 11 years now: children, teens and adults. Every new Kite backpack and stationery collection comes to life after thorough research of consumers’ needs and requests.

It’s hard work of a huge team of experts in textile, stationery, design and orthopedics. Every year Kite designs a new wide collection of backpacks and stationery, which amazes us with its variety and functionality. Among the Kite products you will definitely find what you have been looking for.

Impeccable quality is one of the main advantages of Kite backpacks. Special attention is paid to the selection of fabrics, which undergo wear and tear resistance tests, resulting in backpacks looking like new for many years. Scrupulous selection of accessories prevents consumers from troubles with zippers and sliders extending the life of a backpack. Ергономічні ортопедичні рюкзаки Kite є справжніми помічниками для збереження правильної постави у школярів.

Класична бездоганна німецька якість лягає в основу всієї продукції компанії. Заключним акордом є інновації, свіжі ідеї та ліцензії від визнаних світових брендів. Пильна увага приділяється підбору тканин і фурнітури. Матеріали проходять тестування на безпеку для дітей, зносостійкість, вигоряння і розриви. Ми з гордістю представляємо кожен продукт, який виходить під торговою маркою Kite.


Backpacks and bags collection for the youngest Kite fans is colorful, durable and safe. Kite backpack is just your kid’s another favorite toy he doesn’t want to part with. Whether he is headed to a kindergarten, early child development center or for a walk, your child will trust this backpack with his most valuable stuff.


Every child dreams to become an adult as soon as possible, and such an article as a backpack can make it happen. Kite is not just a backpack, it’s another favorite toy your child doesn’t want to part with. Whether he is headed to school, early child development center or for a walk, your child will trust the backpack with his most valuable stuff.


Junior, Style, Sport backpacks are made with ergonomic Ergo Teens and Air Comfort backs, minimizing pressure to the spine and giving the feeling of comfort and lightness. The design is moderate while the functionality is versatile. So many school kids, so many Kite backpacks, and each can choose an item to their taste! Молодіжні дизайни сподобаються навіть вимогливим до зовнішнього оформлення підліткам. З Kite легко бути оригінальним.


Handy urban backpacks with simplified functionality are light, durable and, of course, trendy. Here you will find original models made from canvas, textured fabrics with cute accessories. For pretty girls and ladies, Kite offers a lightweight collection made of soft cloths – Kite Beauty

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