About brand GoPack

GoPack is a brand specializing in the manufacture of comfortable and modern youth school and urban backpacks for daily use at school and for urban recreation, and also the most popular models for junior schoolboys and girls.

A distinctive feature of the brand:

  • latest designs (annual collection update according to new fashion trends)
  • laconic functionality
  • decent quality at affordable price

GoPack Backpacks are chosen by money-saving and practical moms, teenagers with quick changing preferences, fans of variety in accessories.

GoPack – is my pack!


Choosing the first backpack is a responsible mission for both parents and the child. After all, the first-grader’s backpack is not only a reliable assistant, but also a beautiful fashion accessory. Let your child be individual and original with GoPack!

Backpacks for high school (13-17 + years)

A variety of shapes, perfectly matched colors of GoPack backpacks will help emphasize the individuality of both schoolchildren and adults.
Backpacks are designed for active daily use at school, college, work or the usual city bustle.