About brand Kite

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Kite has been caring for its consumers for 11 years now: children, teens and adults. Every new Kite backpack and stationery collection comes to life after thorough research of consumers’ needs and requests. It’s hard work of a huge team of experts in textile, stationery, design and orthopedics. Every year Kite designs a new wide collection of backpacks and stationery, which amazes us with its variety and functionality. Among the Kite products you will definitely find what you have been looking for.

Impeccable quality is one of the main advantages of Kite backpacks. Special attention is paid to the selection of fabrics, which undergo wear and tear resistance tests, resulting in backpacks looking like new for many years. Scrupulous selection of accessories prevents consumers from troubles with zippers and sliders extending the life of a backpack.

There is one more important point. All Kite backpacks and bags weigh from 0.4 kg to 1 kg, which means you can put more useful items without overloading your back. Wearing a backpack is comfortable because it sets your hands free, gives you more mobility and opportunities while moving. Just pack everything you need in your Kite, put it on, sense the lightness, comfort, care and say: Kite — first-class backpacks!