Golden Kite 2017 conference

The annual conference “Golden Kite 2017” took place in ShishkInn eco-hotel on September 15, 2017. The new 2018 collection of Kite and GoPack backpacks was presented to the visitors during the event. It was possible to estimate a new design and unchanged quality of the backpacks exhibited in samples. After the official part, the Kite team and its dear clients celebrated the 10-th anniversary of the brand.

The Golden Kite conference, where school and urban backpack collection is presented to the audience, is the major year event for Kite and young GoPack. It’s a crucial event, because here a year-long hard work of the whole team is displayed to the public.

This year the brands’ teams have done really outstanding things. Every visitor, alongside with a member kit, was presented with a USB flash drive looking like a plastic card. It contained all images of the new collection, their barcodes and all the necessary information. Drinks and buffet, where quests could communicate, followed, seasoned with light jazz by the “Bissquit”.

This year collection was really extraordinary. Youth, urban and trendy lines of backpacks now have a significantly longer line of products. Every presentation was different in style. Contemporary choreography from Chernihiv dancing studios INSIDE and Alliance supplemented some speakers’ speeches. Several actually were real shows, where the presenters easily transformed into teenagers. Preschool and school backpacks lines stood out among others: “grown up” children’s backpacks, using soft rabbit’s ears and tail as a décor, improved ergonomic backs and many other compliments. At lunch time the quests of the event had a nice opportunity to switch from listening and watching to testing of the newly presented collection and choose their favorites.

The second part of the conference was no less thrilling. In 2017 Kite turned 10 and the company – brand owner VIVAT TRADING turned 25. These two occasions caused tons of congratulations, happy smiles and dramatic emotions. The guests enjoyed live music and vocal by Alla Harkusha, laughed at Uncle Zhora, Anton Lirnyk and Alexander Netyshynsky’s jokes, sang together with Lyapis-98.

In one word, it was unforgettable! Every year the Kite team presents many important changes, but one thing remains unfailing – people, who are doing something they love, to make this world a better place!

Kite: I can!