Golden Kite 2018 conference: how it was made

Golden Kite 2018 conference: how it was made

Golden Kite annual conference has become a good tradition and a prominent event in the stationery world that is always much anticipated by clients and the entire VIVAT team. This year the event was once again hosted by the cozy ShishkINN eco-hotel outside Chernihiv. From the very morning our guests enjoyed a wonderful setting – a combination of pine forest views and aromas, light music and welcome reception.

Golden Kite is usually about reviewing progress and focusing on the upcoming season. The event is always preceded by many hours of meticulous work and the results are presented by the outstanding speakers of the conference. All the attention was of course focused on the new collection of urban, school, sport and fashion backpacks by Kite and the latest from GoPack democratic brand. Guests at the conference were able to see the top trends in forms, colors, trimmings and accessories, fresh license prints as well as improved popular models. Traditionally during breaks between presentations guests could touch and feel all the backpacks, pick their favorites and do some networking.

Golden Kite has grown into a big warm get together for stationery market colleagues. During the unofficial part guests relaxed, enjoyed interacting and a magical show.

Kite and GoPack teams share their impressions of the event:

Golden Kite is an annual conference. What was new this year and what remains traditionally unchanged?

– The experience accumulated over the years definitely helps. We take our best accomplishments to the next year. For example, in 2018 we chose again to go with ShishkINN eco-hotel. At the same time, we realize that the standard raises every year, and to keep being astounding we need to find new solutions – in the collection itself, in the presentations and other features. That is what we try to do. What doesn’t change is the sincere desire to make yourself and your product even better.

How did Kite and GoPack teams prepare for the event of the year? What was the hardest part and the most inspiring part?

– Presentations are always made by two people, so the process of preparing the presentation is easier and there is twice less text to learn for each (laughing). Seriously though, the hardest part was lack of time to prepare when you want to open up the entire range of the collection and tell about all signature features of our backpacks to the clients.

– The most inspiring part was creating video content for presentations, because video content is always special with things magically appearing and disappearing at your wish. It is also inspiring to work with people you seldom interact with in your everyday routine tasks. This gives you light and positive emotions. Work itself probably is the inspiration, because VIVAT is the territory of happy people.

He who works hard deserves quality time off. What was the best amusement this year?

– The wow moment of the entertainment program was performance by Michelle Andrade. Her sincerity, enthusiasm and cheerfulness immediately wins the audience. Laser harp performance was very memorable. Unique show with music played live on laser beams, captivating opera vocals, illuminated costumes left a lasting impression.

Kite. Be original. Be cool.

…When guests leave the conference with inspiration and a bit of tiredness, we go home to come back to work tomorrow with renewed vigor. It was great to feel that common wave with the guests – that is when you realize that all the effort is totally worth it and it makes you move forward to new achievements.

We wish our clients super sales in the coming season and until we meet again next year!

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