Kite 2020 – the triumph of quality, beauty and comfort

Kite 2020 – the triumph of quality, beauty and comfort

One of the most expected events in the world of stationary – Kite Conference 2020 – took place on September 18th.

All the visitors could feel the power of unity and magic of Kite’s success. Two floors of Kyiv Mercury Congress Hall were filled with festive atmosphere and vibes.

Kite presented its new galaxy of backpacks and stationary where each product is already a real star!

Kite never ceases to amaze

Over 300 guests from all over Ukraine plunged into exciting world of Kite, took a closer look at the brand and got useful information about new assortment.

General manager, Vladyslav Stamburskyy set the tone for the conference. During the speech he generously shared the secrets of how to stay afloat in the worst crisis and even to exceed your own expectations!

Charismatic speakers efficiently presented new hot items paying attention to the main features of each product line.

Better than Kite?

Did you know that there is something better and cooler than Kite? Yes, – it is possible. We are talking about Kite with super cool licenses! The most exciting intrigue about Kite licenses was revealed to the guests.

What’s new?

The conference combined classic format of event and innovations. There were few themed locations, guests could also try on the backpacks and test other products.

Each group of products was presented separately in a sincere, warm, chamber atmosphere:

  • Spectacular world of new GoPack collection.
  • Wonderland of Kite Kids and Kite Education.
  • Unrivaled Kite Teens and Kite City Collections.

The key message of Kite philosophy is to create an outstanding product which combines high quality, innovations as well as anticipates clients’ desires. Only this kind of backpacks can become sales hits you cannot pass by. Kite does everything to make its products sell themselves and effectively assert themselves from supermarket shelves and pages of online stores!

Kite is school and street-style trendsetter

Can we stay ahead of everyone and track world’s hottest trends? – We surely can! We know how to do this! Kite is always one step ahead, guessing customers wishes and desires. Which products will be swept off the shelves next year?

  • futuristic models made of light-reflecting fabric;
  • super-comfortable backpacks with AGS anti-gravity system;
  • environmental-friendly accessories made of recycled plastic bottles;
  • extra-lightweight models with minimum weight;
  • glow-in-the-dark backpacks with LED lighting.

New Kite collection has it all and even more.

The cherry on top of the collection is an exclusive Wonder Kite Collection – the quintessence of style and comfort. It represents all the best features of European Kite models – fidlock any child can deal with, AGS shock-absorbing system and awesome design. Wonder Kite backpacks are sold only in sets, which significantly reduces the time to choose such accessories as pencil cases and shoe bags.

Backpacks for any target audience

Kite takes care of everyone, creating backpacks for all generations and for any price segment. New collection has accessories for school, sport, walking, business and travelling. Age: from 2 years old to ∞.

New designs make you think “I want it”, “I’ll buy it”. Outstanding decorations, patches, pendants, accessories, colorful and light-reflecting prints are so attractive!

Safety is our priority

Kite took care of every visitor. Individual comfortable masks and personal antiseptics were prepared for everyone. Nobody forgot about keeping social distancing.

Traditionally Kite Conference 2020 was bright and memorable. Wonderful entertaining program, delicate lounge and charming live music brought up the mood! Elegant and filling buffet helped to fulfill energy for celebration.

* * *

Step by step we reproduced Kite’s way to perfection, consisting of many brave and confident steps. This way towards new heights continuous every day.

Kite Conference is an event with a really special atmosphere which fills you with positive vibes and inspires you to reach new goals. To be here is the dream of every person involved in the universe of stationary and textiles. Join the cooperation with Kite – be the first to know about hot new products and trends!

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