Axent Pastelini: an elegant series with a lightness effect

Axent Pastelini: an elegant series with a lightness effect

Spring coolness, first sunshine and freshness in the air – it’s all about the stationery collection Axent Pastelini. Unique shades create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. Pastel colours are associated with elegance and perfection. They add a cosy touch to the workplace and inspire learning.

Elegant office stationery: a variety of options

Attractive shades have taken on a symbolic meaning and have become a part of the stationery we use in our everyday lives:

  • The ballpoint pen impresses with its stylish, sophisticated look and colour palette. It has fast-drying ink and a rubberized grip that provides a secure grip while writing. The ink of one Axent pen nib typically has a capacity of 1100 m.
  • The graphite pencil has a smooth matte finish, HB hardness and fits comfortably in the hand for creating graphs, drawings, sketches and notes. It is made of high-quality wood and impresses with its triangular design in pastel colours.
  • The corner pocket binder will help you organise contracts, receipts, cheques and other important documents. Searching will become easier and faster, and the necessary papers will be in files and protected from external influences. The corner pocket is useful for unstapled sheets and keeps them close to the files you need.
  • The clipboard will become a way of self-expression and an ideal substitute for a hard surface for writing at conferences, presentations, speeches, meetings, etc. The metal clip holds the sheets of paper securely and comfortably, while the cover is pleasant to the touch and available in subtle pastel colours.
  • The folder with button will organise up to 50 sheets in one place and make a point of keeping them safe and secure. The product is available in two formats – A4 and A5.
  • The clipboard folder has a transparent inner pocket that can be used for additional notes, separate diary sheets, a planner, a booklet with event timings. The product also has the basic elements of a clipboard: a nice cover and a convenient mechanism for attaching sheets.
  • The folder with elastic bands holds everything you need for work, school, and household chores. For example, photographs, diplomas, sheets of various formats, magazines, documents, catalogues. The side flaps and spine are adjustable and can change the thickness of the product (4 mm to 35 mm) to suit the contents.
  • The button envelope folder is useful for transporting and storing invoices, certificates, tickets, receipts, letters, and other paper materials. The product protects against damage, dust and loss of important documents on the road, saving time searching for them at home.

Varieties of pastel colours of the series

Pastel colours have a low level of saturation and are often called “soft” because of their delicate appearance and dreamy associations. The Axent Pastelini series includes the following colours:

  • Blue is a balanced, calm colour that resembles a clear, endless sky. A clipboard folder in this colour looks respectable and restrained.
  • Pink is a delicate, romantic shade associated with femininity and a light blush.
  • Neomint is a muted green, cool spring colour. The Axent folder on the button in this colour will add freshness and brightness to your workday.
  • Yellow is a joyful, moderately bright colour that gives positive emotions and looks like warm sunlight.
  • Peach is a warm, slightly orange shade that resembles the colour of ripe peaches.
  • Mint is a turquoise colour with shades of blue. It is associated with sea waves, nature and the energy of the water element.
  • Lilac is a spring, luxurious colour associated with the blooming of lilacs. Stationery in this colour looks elegant and inspires creativity.

Colour harmony and practicality in Axent Pastelini

When choosing a stationery, we pay most attention to the material, appearance and ease of use. This Axent series features pens with a pleasant to the touch body and ink that does not leave any traces when writing. The folders are made of high-quality polypropylene, whose density guarantees resistance to mechanical damage, breakage and preservation of their good looks.

Axent stationery in pastel colours adds a touch of romance and spring mood with every use.

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