The Future is Kite!

The Future is Kite!

A planetary event took place in Kiev on September 17. All the participants of Kite 2022 conference including brand representatives and our star customers made a journey to the future. Sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it? But it is a true reality! The visitors could take a look and see with their own eyes what the stationary and school accessories world will look like next year.

The fantastic atmosphere fascinated all the visitors with its futuristic locations, space food and funny aliens. The guests had an opportunity to fly over the sea on a VR-stimulator, taste snacks with cute robots and burn extra calories on a special trampoline.

But the most interesting part of the conference is of course, our star speakers, who know some secrets of the future.

The conversation about the future: Vladyslav Stambursky success secrets

Vladyslav Stambursky, the CEO of Vivat Trading traditionally started the conference with an open conversation about the future.

Together we watched the milestone of evolution that Darvin kept silent about – the dramatic change in stationary populations. Turns out this process is much faster than we can even imagine. The school backpack has changed beyond recognition over the last 45 years – it lost the extra weight, got rid of rudiments and almost grew its own wings – now it is lightweight and comfortable.

We compared two backpacks with a half-century age difference and this showed us the importance of improving school supplies better than thousand words. Kite works to ensure that children go to school wearing ergonomic backpacks, write with pens that don’t make any pressure on fingers, use erasers that really erase the trace of the pencils without smearing. We work to make sure kids go to school with joy and comfort.

According to CEO’s words the real strength of the brand cannot be measured by numbers or certain indicators. The real strength of the brand can be seen when mom buys Kite for her second or third child when he goes to school because she already has a perfect experience of using our products. The strength of brand is when one mom suggests the other mom to buy Kite because it is the only possible option for school.

What awaits us in the future?

This issue was discussed by Vladyslav Stambursky and the guests of the conference including andragog Leyla Aliyeva, futurologist Ihor Novikov and the President of Grand Corporation Volodymyr Spivakovsky. This philosophical conversation on the topic “The future is today. What should each of us pay attention to” really interested the audience with the depth and revelation. In a cozy and almost family atmosphere, we figured out how to create a comfortable future and prepare for it. The conversation left a pleasant aftertaste and made everyone feel like a truly important creator of the future.

What will the backpacks and stationary look like in a new school 2022-2023 season?

It happened! The new collection of textile and stationary was shown and amazed everyone with abruptness, daring and thoughtfulness.

Kite developers made a great number of researches to reveal the tastes and moods of target audience. You can be sure that kids and teens will love new shapes and designs. So, you better be prepared for a crazy demand – these backpack hit the fashion trends and will find their owners immediately!

Kite back-to-school models are traditionally revolutionary and enchantingly orthopedic. There are a lot of new cool updates and improvements that have already become top sales hits of previous years. New trendy and favorite classic models are presented in a great variety of colors and decorations to allow every school student choose the accessory they really like.

Kite Stationary of the future will turn the learning process into a holiday and organize the school life in a perfect way. Kids won’t just write, they will write with pleasure. They won’t draw, they will draw with delight. Children won’t just eat during the brake, they will taste mom’s wonderful homemade meals put into cool colorful lunchboxes.Kite has a great number of useful emotional new items including everything from erasers and book stands to raincoats and magic thermo-cups.

New licenses, cool models, crazy variety of items. Kite doesn’t just produce school supplies. Kite helps to make the childhood of school students comfortable, safe and interesting.

Perhaps, we still cannot predict many things such as the grades your kids will get at school or if the weather next autumn will be warm. But we are sure about the diaries in which school students will write their schedule and about the backpacks that first graders will take to school. We don’t have a magic ball to broadcast the next year events, but we do have something really interesting – the new stationary and backpack collection of the future. You can be sure that these are the models we are going to see behind children’s and teenagers’ backs next year.

The future is Kite!

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