Golden Kite 2019 Conference a landmark in the stationery world

Golden Kite 2019 Conference – a landmark in the stationery world

The annual Golden Kite conference held on September 13 has become a good tradition. It was held in the luxury Parkovy convention center with a breathtaking view of Kyiv landscapes. Guests from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Hungary, Azerbaijan and Kirghizia attended.

Astonishment every year!

The presentation format was Back to school. Guests could feel themselves back to school again, discover interesting facts about the brand and collect useful insights.

Charismatic CEO Vladislav Stamburskii summarized the passing year progress and let in on theplans for the future. Receipt of the honorary distinction Ergonomic product from the German Institute for Health and Ergonomics (IGR) was an outstanding achievement for Kite in 2019. His presentation was followed by teachers. Despite the palpable excitement each pair of speakers made a notable presentation of their line of products. New models, cool color combinations, colorful patterns and prints, unexpected collaborations – Kite continues to astonish and delight!

Each and every year German brand Kite continues to improve its products, finding new solutions, perfecting every last detail so that backpacks for school and the city as well as stationery satisfy the real needs of customers, making life brighter and better, resonating in the hearts of children and adults. Kite 2020 new collection is typically the impeccable quality, functionality thought out to the last detail and trendy design.

Speakers introduced guests to the popular licenses, elaborated on the burning trends of the next year. Between presentations visitors traditionally checked out the new products evaluating them on the touch and feel sharing their experience with others.

Guests also saw the new collection of affordable German brand GoPack that has taken a creative approach this time and presented classic models in a brand new interpretation. The brand motto is I can afford this! Now each customer can afford high-quality and offbeat accessories.

Leisure time comes to those who work well!

The atmosphere of the conference was welcoming and relaxed with quality music and delicious food. Presentations were followed by a lavish dinner event, spectacular show and performance by the flamboyant Dside Band. Ukrainian pop rock band Antitela was the headliner of the evening.

Golden Kite is the event to inspire and energize. All those in the universe of stationery and textile collections dream of being a part of it. Join partnership with Kite and always be abreast ofnew products and hot trends! The next meeting is set for September 20, 2020!

Kite. Be original. Be cool.